Decentralized AMM Exchange

To improve payment processes of global enterprises and provide a secure transactions monitoring platform.

Exchange Platform
Project Phase
3 months

Project description

Our vision is to redefine a cryptocurrency exchange platform by combining the latest advancements in cryptocurencies allocation techniques. A new revolutionary platform will execute real-time trades with a minimum number of re-quotes or slippage while delivering on high-level security.

The long-term project’s objective is to build a regulated framework for decentralized finance that is supported by a high-performance matching engine. Our focus on blockchain automation processes will be based on smart contracts development. Another application would involve an intuitive and advanced custom API of multi-device compatibility

Tech Stack

We require experience in working with EVM, Solidity and Web3 tools (Hardhat, Truffle, etc). Passionate about open source and blockchain senior strategic thinking, exceptional judgment and creative problem-solving skills with a strong analytical mindset Experience developing blockchain projects (specifically DeFi), general understanding of financial markets. Even better if you know Rust and Solana.


We use Hardhat to develop and test our Solidity code combined with Ethers on Frontend to call Smart Contracts. We make our work easier by usage of Typechain to automatically generate Typescript interfaces of Solidity functions.

  • Web3
  • Hardhat
  • Ethers
  • Solidity
  • TypeChain
  • Angular